Lighting Design for Dummies?!

Lighting Design for Dummies

This morning I was looking for lighting design books and I googled some few keywords “lighting”, “luminaires design” and, finally, “lighting design”. 

What a surprise when I found a book that promise “Learn to plan your lighting schemes as a professional”! What does it means? Could lighting design be learned only reading a book?!

If anyone got this book and wish to share his/her experience, please feel free to contact me or write a comment below.

More infos on this book in


Informazioni su Roberto Corradini

I am a Architect and a PLDA Design Member (Professional Lighting Designers' Association) My interests are focused to explore the ways that light affects peoples’ environments and creates different settings and moods.
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2 risposte a Lighting Design for Dummies?!

  1. dwimirnani ha detto:

    so THERE IS lighting design for dummies??
    please let me know too if there is anyone who read the book. I’m also a lighting designer, and I find it offending yet amusing.


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