Davvero è utile spegnere le luci per un’ora…

… per sensibilizzare le persone sui cambiamenti climatici e sul risparmio energetico? Perchè non farlo per le rimanenti 8759 di un anno? Il professor Lomborg lo spiega in questo video.

“Professor Bjorn Lomborg says this gesture will do little to help the planet, and gives people the wrong impression about how to address climate issues.

Global warming is a real problem, but Earth Hour is not the answer. Taken to its logical conclusion, if switching the lights off for one hour is a good idea, why not for all the other 8,759 hours of the year?

Fundamentally, cutting emissions in the short run is no easy task. Today, green energy is too costly to be a viable solution. Real breakthroughs in energy technology will only come with more investment in research and development.”

Read the complete article here: http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/project_syndicate/2013/03/earth_hour_is_all_wrong_we_need_more_electricity_not_less.html


Informazioni su Roberto Corradini

I am a Architect and a PLDA Design Member (Professional Lighting Designers' Association) My interests are focused to explore the ways that light affects peoples’ environments and creates different settings and moods.
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